Toni Kleinlercher

*1958 in Schwaz/Austria.
Currently living and working in Vienna.

Starting from various investigations using coding and overwriting techniques as a poet and as a visual artist, Kleinlercher's thematic preoccupation extends from ethnographic approaches to literary condensations to meditative series of works, which ultimately deal with the question of dissolution through equality in emptiness.

Education and Teaching

Studied mathematics and geography from 1978-1981 at the College of Education in Innsbruck, german literature and art history from 1982-1984, ethnology from 1992-1994 at the University Innsbruck. From 1981-1995 teaching positions in public schools in the Tyrol. 1992-1995 management of literature discussion forum Schwaz/Tirol, initiation of literary town chronicler Schwaz. Removal from the Tyrol to Vienna 1994, teaching positions in public schools in Vienna until 2003. Emigration to Tokyo 2003. Management of kuspace tokyo, an artist exchange project from 2003-2005. Lecturer at the Rikkyo University Tokyo 2005–2009. Living in Tokyo for a period of 6 years, deepening of Zen practice in diverse monasteries, moving back to Vienna 2009. Currently living and working as a poet, multimedia artist and teacher in Vienna/ Austria.

Member of the Grazer Autorenversammlung since 2000, Ig Bildende Kunst since 2015, Künstlervereinigung MAERZ since 2016.


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