reflected edition




Galerie Splitter art, Vienna, 2003.


"As in the previous work of Toni Kleinlercher, the landscape is a basis of "reflected in an unmarked space". The artist would, however, like to understand the term more comprehensively. The artistic term >landscape< is therefore not nature as >physical reality<. The term stands for character landscapes, which consist of text, fabric, meshworks, of drifting chains of signification. In the context of selected >landscapes<, the artist/intervener Toni Kleinlercher developes observational arrangements in order to start operations of >reflexive communication<." (F.E.Rakuschan)


reflected in an unmarked space (limited edition/100, edition splitter vienna): including 1 DVD + 1 CATALOGUE placed in a FILM CAN with a SCREENPRINT on it, serially numbered and signed by the artist.






© 2012 Toni Kleinlercher